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 Pre order,6/13~7/22 delivered  The ripening fruit perfumes the air with a wonderful swee⋯
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 Pre order,6/1~6/11 delivered  Yuherbau Litchis variety only grows in Taiwan and is known⋯
Pre order,6/15~6/29 delivered
 Pre order before June 5th,6/15~6/29 delivered  The edible portion of the fruit (pulp) is⋯
Golden Queen
 Pre-order area, shipping from late March 
The world's famous mandarin.
The geographical environment is surrounded by mountains and natural barriers. It is located by the s⋯
One of the World's Largest Citrus Fruits
The fruit of the pomelo is very popular in Japan for eating fresh,due to its blend of mild acidity a⋯
Exports reached a new high every year
Jujube with thin skin and juicy, strong storage and transportation potential for export , Is a blue-⋯
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